About Being Presbyterian

Current Committee members

  • Allen Sleith (chair)
  • Denis Guiler (treasurer)
  • Lynda Gould (secretary)
  • John Davey
  • Jonny Frazer
  • Mark Gray
  • David Mark
  • Sylvia McCracken
  • Alice McNaugher
  • Cheryl Meban
  • Katherine Meyer
  • Wilfred Orr
  • Roger Purce
  • Robert Wallace.
  • Donald Watts


The aim of Being Presbyterian is to encourage the wellbeing of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland by:

  • creating space for biblical, theological and ethical reflection;
  • practising a unity in Christ which is open, self-critical, and mutually supportive;
  • ensuring that minority voices will continue to be heard and respected;
  • engaging with all levels of church structures.
  • Objectives

    In meeting our aims, we intend:

  • to continue to learn from the wider Church of Jesus Christ, historic and worldwide;
  • to further develop biblical understanding and responsible interpretation;
  • to communicate in terms which invite the engagement of all.
  • Being Presbyterian Roadmap: What we are committed to